Frederick Sound Seafood Company (FSSC) has the FV Western Star, a tender capable of packing 80 ton of product, with RSW and a fish pump.

along with the Western Star, FSSC will begin operation this spring, 2019.

We will be servicing areas from Mid Chatham Strait to the Queen Charlottes.


Services We Provide

For the net fleet…


Salmon will be picked up twice daily. We encourage delivering value added fish thus creating quality which gives greater returns to the producer.


Salmon will be pumped when required, direct plant deliveries are encouraged for greater financial returns.

For the balance of the fleet…


We encourage direct plant deliveries; we'll also supply a tender service in most areas.

Pot Fisheries

We'll be acquiring all available crab species and spot prawns, Plant deliveries encouraged.

Trawl fisheries

We have unlimited markets for both pink and side-stripe shrimp. Call Fleet Manager for details.

Long Line

We're buyers of all bottom fish, including mud sharks, skatewing, true cod and all rockfish, direct plant deliveries are encouraged, phone for price and market updates, ice and bait available.

Dive fisheries

In season purchasing of all dive species; red urchins, geoducks, and sea cucumbers.

Custom processing

We're interested in custom processing all species for the producer; thus leading FSSC into forming a Fisherman's Producers Cooperative.


Contact Us


Jack Bunnell

Managing Partner
(206) 612- 0558

Bob Jongewaard

Acquiring & Fleet Manager
(907) 220-1939